Did you know?


Wild Jordan Center is absolutely special in each and every way! I’ve always believed it was a center with a cause and it truly is! There’s more than one element that really make it so special. Its structure and location are bold and majestic yet it softly integrates within the wonderfully romantic backdrop of old Amman. It has spaces for dining, leisure, business and even lodging. It’s also unique because of its amazing support and empowerment of the local communities, with inspirational projects in the many reserves all over of Jordan, driving eco tourism to another level! But still, there’s more to it! I’ve also realized that WJC has a fantastic selection of wholesome and hearty choices from its seasonal menu!!
Isn’t that amazing? The menu, recently developed and expanded, offers dishes and meals that appeal to many tastes. Graciously warm servers are always ready to go the extra mile, comfortably settling you in, and grabbing the opportunity to describe and tell you all about the countless choices. I had a tough time choosing between The Meal Deal (a daily special with the soup of the day, traditional Arabic main and homemade dessert), the regular menu and the new organic menu, with produce from Mujib Farms (a local company that is organically certificated). The regular menu I found offers the traditional breakfast, wraps, sandwiches, soups, salads, wholesome mains, pasta, homemade desserts, a kids’ menu and a variety of seasonal fresh juices, cocktails and smoothies. Yum! There are also the specifically crafted ‘MySkinnySeasons Healthy Specials’, curated by Ms. Geodon. You see, there’s so much to choose from and enjoy and that’s why Wild Jordan Center is special in each and every way!

By Huda