Dibeen Forest

The Dibeen Forest Lodge with its shades of green depicts The Reserve. It has a bedroom with a double bed, bathroom, open sitting space and a kitchen and a balcony with a little seating area. The Reserve extends over 8.5 km2 of mountainous terrain, covering an area of pristine pine-oak habitat. The Forest is spread over steep slopes of limestone or chalky limestone rock types. The physical and age structure of the Forest as a whole is remarkably varied with trees of widely different ages and sizes and a distinct under-canopy in many areas. This variety is aided by the presence of wadis, which provide different aspects,moisture levels and soil conditions throughout the Dibeen Forest. Area 40m².

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Lodge Amenities 


Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen  Seating area
Cupboard Mirror Fridge Single cushion
Office Desk Shower box Nespresso machine Triple cushion
Side tables toilet seat Boiling pot TV set cupboard
Safe box Basin Microwave AC
AC Cupboard Electric gas Triple table
Curtain Strainer lights Duct Curtains
Painting Towel chrome bar Cupboard side table
Bed Box Shower soap bar Side table LED TV Screen
Bed head Face towel ring Chairs Table Lamp
Mattress Toilet water whose Curtain chairs
Fitted sheet Pans dinning table
Flat sheet Casserole Terrace chairs
Duvet Strainer Table terrace
Pillow cases Cutting Board Ashtray at terrace
Pillows Can Opener Painting
Bed cushions Tongue Receiver
Runner Peeler/ grater Single seating couch
Pillow cases Wooden spoon Double seating Couch
Dining cutlery Corner tables
Cutlery container Terrace
Vileda sponge
Oven glove
kitchen towel
set 3 Vileda
White glass tray
Arabic coffee cups
Nespresso cups