A Meeting Room With A View


If you’ve never experienced a meeting, a lecture, a workshop, training or a talk at one of Wild Jordan Center’s Meeting Rooms, you have to! You see, WJC offers three ideal rooms. Well, two technically since one of them is rented out to a local artist, Mr. Farid Fakhriddin. The Tree Room, one of the meeting rooms at WJC, which is rented out, actually has blue iron windows, which overlook carob trees and old Amman. It’s also special because it has a tree trunk, at one end of the room, which sprouts through the wall on to the parking space above. It’s actually pretty amazing, and hence the name of the meeting room! The other two meeting rooms, Al Azraq and Yarmouk also have a magnificent view of old Amman, the Citadel and the large Jordanian Flag. Their names are derived from the local reserves. Azraq Wetland Reserve is a uniquely precious oasis located in the heart of Jordan’s eastern desert. It is distinguished by lush marshland and natural water collections that form glittering pools and streams, giving Azraq its name, which is the Arabic word for ‘blue’. It has a capacity of 25 pax in a u-shape setup, 40 pax in a classroom setup, 35 pax for workgroups, and 45 pax for a theatre style set up. The Yarmouk meeting room is named after Yarmouk Forest Reserve,which is located in the northwestern part of Jordan, at the border with Golan hill. It is covered by deciduous oak, with valleys, which descend towards the Yarmouk River. It has a capacity of up to 14 people in a U-shaped set up and occupies up to 25 pax in a workgroup/theatre style.

For your convenience, there is spacing just outside the meeting rooms, which is utilized during for coffee breaks. WJC has many options with a set menu suitable for all tastes and budgets.