Which country has the best food?


CNN, Zoe Li, has a subjective look at some of the best food cultures and destinations.

When we went through the article we beamed! As ATICO Fakhreldin Group has at least five of the mentioned top ranking food cultures, which include the Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Mexican cuisines. The article includes the food culture that is much celebrated and sought out. At Trattoria, at AlQasr Metropole Hotel, accommodates a champion breakfast and a fantastic Italian lunch or dinner. The menu is full of a wide range of delicious pastas and pizzas and other Italian dishes. Ren Chai is a free standing Chinese restaurant in Jabal Amman, which offers a fine dining experience. It offers a large menu of Cantonese and Szechwan delicacies, which are enjoyed with various Chinese cocktails and tea assortments. Copas Central, on the other hand, in a quiet neighborhood in the 1st circle of Amman, has a Latin inspired warm and laid back feel. It offers fresh cocktails and drinks with a varied Mediterranean Spanish inspired tapas menu. While Vinaigrette, at AlQasr Metropole Hotel and Yoshi, in Jabal Amman, offer Asian Japanese specialties and delicacies. While The Nub and Wild Jordan Center serve nachos and tortilla wraps, both inspired by the Mexican cuisine.

ATICO Fakhreldin Group seems to offer more than one of the best food cultures in the world in their well established and leading restaurants in Amman, Jordan. It’s a pity the report didn’t cover the Levantine cuisine, which is slowly creeping up the ranks, since it is an ancient cuisine with healthy and wholesome food, offered at Fakhreldin, Kebab Express and more recently in Simsim Levantine Eatery, in Berlin.