ATICO Fakhreldin Group Chefs present Wild Jordan Center breakfast live on Roya’a Channel, Friday 14th December 2018



Helwa ya Donya show, Roya’a TV, hosted Executive Sous Chef Bilal and Chef Omar during their morning segment. The Chefs presented and prepared some of the delicious items found on the WJC menu. Wild JordanCenter menu is known for its seasonal and local specialties, with wholesomesmoothies and cocktails.

Amazing Jordan mentions ATICO Fakhreldin Group Wish Tree Initiative, December 2018



Happy Jordan, Amazing Jordan, is a platform whereby it portrays the stories worthtelling and sharing about ‘a myriad of human gems who strive everyday to make this place incredible, one step at a time.’

With Christmas around the corner, remember that the smallest acts of kindness can brighten some children’s lives in ways you can’t imagine.

The “Wish Tree” trend was picked up by the ATICO Fakhreldin Group in previous years, allowing customers of several places like Al Qasr Metropole Hotel YoshiJordan or Wild Jordan Center to make a generous gift to children from SOS Children’s Villages Jordan

Wish trees brighten less fortunate children’s Christmas

AMMAN — “Wish trees” last year flourished across Amman as an early celebration of the annual Christmas festivities, in the third edition of ATICO Fakhreldin’s #winter solidarity campaign.

Following the success witnessed by the initiative in the previous years, the group renewed its partnership with the SOS Children’s Villages, through which they help less fortunate children and adolescents “make their dreams come true”.

Installed at various locations across Amman, the trees are filled with letters handwritten by young boys and girls from the SOS Children’s Villages from Amman, Irbid and Aqaba, with their hopes and wishes for Christmas, according to Hala Awadallah, fund development and communicationscoordinator at SOS Villages.

Located at Al Qasr Metropole Hotel, Fakhreldin, Ren Chai andYoshi, the campaign kept adding more “Wish trees” with a new one installed at the Wild Jordan Centre in Jabal Amman.

Customers who come across the trees can pick an envelope anddonate a certain amount of money to help grant the wish of the child and “make a dream come true”, Awadallah told me then.

“The welfare and happiness of our children is enhanced by all these wonderful partnerships that are very important to us. Their position support gives pleasure to the SOS community,” said Reem Atalla Habayeb, SOS Jordan’s chairperson.

Following the campaign, ATICO organised a day of celebrations, during which a dressed up #Santa delivered the gifts to the children in the villages.

“These wish trees help put a smile on the children’s faces and make their dreams come true thanks to the generous and charitable offeringsfrom our guests,” an ATICO statement said.

“It is of utmost importance that our children are integrated within the community in a proactive way. Initiatives such as this one contribute to reinforcing the sense of belonging to the community and the country for these children,” Habayeb stressed.

SOS Children’s Villages Jordan was first launched in Amman in 1987 and later expanded to the governorates of Irbid and Aqaba.

A local social development organisation, SOS operates on a family-based model through the support of village mothers, aunts, brothers and sisters who have regular family gatherings, according to its website.

Healthy Food Infographic

WJC-Healthy Food Infographic

WJC-Healthy Food Infographic
By Mohammad

Did you know?


Wild Jordan Center is absolutely special in each and every way! I’ve always believed it was a center with a cause and it truly is! There’s more than one element that really make it so special. Its structure and location are bold and majestic yet it softly integrates within the wonderfully romantic backdrop of old Amman. It has spaces for dining, leisure, business and even lodging. It’s also unique because of its amazing support and empowerment of the local communities, with inspirational projects in the many reserves all over of Jordan, driving eco tourism to another level! But still, there’s more to it! I’ve also realized that WJC has a fantastic selection of wholesome and hearty choices from its seasonal menu!!
Isn’t that amazing? The menu, recently developed and expanded, offers dishes and meals that appeal to many tastes. Graciously warm servers are always ready to go the extra mile, comfortably settling you in, and grabbing the opportunity to describe and tell you all about the countless choices. I had a tough time choosing between The Meal Deal (a daily special with the soup of the day, traditional Arabic main and homemade dessert), the regular menu and the new organic menu, with produce from Mujib Farms (a local company that is organically certificated). The regular menu I found offers the traditional breakfast, wraps, sandwiches, soups, salads, wholesome mains, pasta, homemade desserts, a kids’ menu and a variety of seasonal fresh juices, cocktails and smoothies. Yum! There are also the specifically crafted ‘MySkinnySeasons Healthy Specials’, curated by Ms. Geodon. You see, there’s so much to choose from and enjoy and that’s why Wild Jordan Center is special in each and every way!

By Huda

A lot more than just beautiful!




Often more than not we look for beauty and fun outside of Jordan when we’re just a few minutes away from what we’re looking for.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Wild Jordan Center in Amman but do you know enough?

Here are a few things you can do at this wonderful venue!

  • Sip and chill

Most of us lead busy and hectic life styles, from the stress you face at work or school, to the traffic and noises on the streets and all that is in between, we all need a break from reality, and that could be as simple as sipping a cup of their organic coffee on the panoramic terrace overlooking the heart of Amman.

  • Food, food and food!

Wild Jordan Center offers an endless variety of food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for all tastes; from traditional to intercontinental food they sure have it all. But that’s not it, there are healthy and vegan options for all of you troopers out there.

Check out Wild Jordan Center’s various menus:

  • Bring your kids

It’s hard to find a place in Amman that both you and your kids enjoy together.

Not only is wild Jordan a smoking free zone but it also has The Family Café, a place designated to engage children in activities and teach them more about Jordan’s reserves and environments, while also offering a yummy kids’ menu.

  • Shopping

For all of you who enjoy handmade unique pieces you came to the right place. Wild Jordan Center has the Nature Shop, which offers handicrafts in an effort to spread benefits to unprivileged local communities, which is a great opportunity to give back. (check the link for pictures)

  • One word: LODGES!

It may come as surprise to you but this awesome place also offers breath taking long stay rentals that are simple but modern at the same time. Each lodge is named and themed after the reserves protected by The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature; Mujib Waterfall, Dibeen Forest, Ajloun forest, Shauamri Wildlife and Dana Caracal.

With all the amenities, you can think of. I believe you have your next vacation sorted out! (check the link for pictures)

Are there more things to do in Wild Jordan Center you might ask? And the answer is YES! You should simply give it a visit and experience the magic yourself!

By Reem


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