Karma Human Rights Film
Festival 3 Shorts Films,
Saturday 18th, 10pm

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Wild Jordan Center movie screens 3 short films:

Maqloubeh (10m)

Five young students from different backgrounds share an apartment in Ramallah and the curfew confinement subjects to the preparation Maqloubeh.

Bahar In Wonderland (16m)

Where do you hide from danger, when you can´t hide anywhere? The kurdish girl Bahar believes she has found a way.

Searching for the Translator (30m) (With the presence of the Directors)

Searching for the Translator documents our search to find Syrian refugees who we could train to be actors in our film called The Translator.




Wild Jordan Center is mentioned
as one of the favorite
Exposed Concrete Buildings in Amman




Wild Jordan Center is mentioned as one of the favorite  Exposed Concrete Buildings in Amman  for the Center for the Study of the Built Environment

For more information please visit the link http://csbe.org/publications-and-resources/csbe-s-favorite-exposed-concrete-buildings-in-amman/?stage=Live#Top



Congratulations to Wild Jordan Center!
It earned a Certificate of
Excellence 2016



Now in its sixth year, the achievement celebrates hospitality businesses that have earned great traveller reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Certificate of Excellence recipients include accommodations, eateries and attractions located all over the world that have continually delivered a quality customer experience.

The artist in you….Painting
Workshop at Wild Jordan Center
May 2016





The artist in you Painting Workshop at Wild Jordan Center May 2016 ended and the participating ladies enjoyed it thoroughly! Stay tuned for our new Painting Workshop, after Ramadan.

May Calligraphy workshop
every Saturday


Mr. Saleh Nasab, is a calligrapher who favors holding Arabic calligraphy workshops in order to define  the aesthetics and techniques of implementing calligraphy, with its artistic tools, which has a scope of fifteen centuries, built on visual and artistic taste evolutions. The lines withstood time with clear distinctive features however others sank into the dust of history. Mr. Nasab holds these workshops in order to take advantage of Arabic calligraphy in contemporary life.


Royal Society for the Conservation
of Nature Annual General
Body Meeting, on Monday 16th of May

Royal Society for the Conservation3(3)

The annual meeting of the general body was held on Monday, 16/05/2016, in the wilderness of the Jordan Center – Jabal Amman. A celebration also took place to celebrate the RSCN’s 50 years of giving.


ACS, May 2016, visit to the
Wild Jordan Center


ACS KG visited the WJC and enjoyed a day which enlightened them about the various reserves in Jordan. This shed light on protecting the habitat of the reserves, including the local communities, the animals and plants. The visit included a comprehensive look at various parts of the center including the Nature Shop, whereby they looked closely at the handicrafts produced at the reserves, while emphasizing the idea of supporting and helping the local communities. The children also stopped by the Family Café, and looked at the various environmentally based toys and finally attended a small presentation, at the Tree Room. After their healthy snack, and before leaving, the children were taken to The View, to take a look at Amman’s downtown and the Citadel. And then they bid us farewell and walked away with a small gift of mint plants to take care of at home.