Wild Jordan Center Team Workshop,
December 2017


Supported by Wild Jordan Center Manager, Ms. Sarah Hatouka, our WJC team members underwent two workshops. A refreshing training held by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and its joint partnership with ATICO Fakhreldin Group and core work. Established in 1966, RSCN has created, managed and supported a national network of protected areas to safeguard Jordan¹s different species in specific regions. It also supports local community development by promoting and protecting their natural environments.
A Hygiene Workshop also took place aiming to enforce and highlight the importance of hygienic conduct at the Center. WJC ensures that their employees have all undertaken industry-recognised food handling training.
Without which an increase in the risk of food becoming contaminated, undercooked or presenting a range of potentially dangerous features can severely damage the Center’s reputation as well as valued customers’

ATICO Food Festival 8th, 9th, 15th
and 16th December, 2017


Join us for the festive season’s ATICO Food Festival that will take place at Wild Jordan Center on Friday and Saturday the 8th, 9th, 15th, and 16th of December between 10AM and 6PM.

The Christmas themed food market will feature live cooking stations from all of ATICO Fakhreldin Group’s outlets, themed goodies, and crafts, along with kids activities and live musical performances. All menu items will be discounted by 25% in celebration of our 25th anniversary.

A portion of proceeds will go to supporting RSCN local communities. For more information call: 0797711177

Our Wish tree


Wish Tree

It’s our 3rd consecutive year and without you it would not have been so successful. Help us put a smile on the children’s faces and make their dreams come true this year. SOS Villages in Amman, Aqaba and Irbid will enjoy another year of generous and charitable offerings from our dear and valued guests. Handwritten wishes from the children will be pinned to the trees. You can find our Wish Trees in AlQasr Metropole Hotel, Fakhreldin Restaurant, Yoshi, RenChai and Wild Jordan Center. ‘Tis the season of giving!  For more information call: 0797711177



Her Excellency Teresa May,
British Prime Minister, visits Wild Jordan Center


Her Excellency Teresa May, British Prime Minister, visited Wild Jordan Center on Tuesday 28th of November, 2017. Ms. May was to complete a trip to the Middle East by setting out her post-Brexit vision for the UK’s role in the region in a major speech in Jordan, outlining both UK efforts to combat Islamic State and wider, long-term help on economic and social reforms.

Chi Center Amman present:
“Breathing: an introduction”,
at The View, 29th November, 2017


The only activity we are consciously and unconsciously involved in every moment of our lives. Join to learn more about the basics of the breath and how we can use it to influence our nervous system.

The 1.5 hour session will be made up of basic physiology, introductory exercises to differentiate between different types of breath and their influences on the nervous system and then carry out some simple breathing techniques.

Set in the beautiful “The View” at Wild Jordan Center, overlooking the Citadel and Downtown Amman. https://www.facebook.com/WildJordanCenter/

Please bring comfortable, warm clothing. A cozy blanket will be a nice extra.

Investment for this session is your time. No fees are involved.

Have drinks, a snack or dinner afterwards at the restaurant that serves wholesome, healthy, fresh food.

Book Club discussion of “Granada”
by Egyptian author Ms. Radwa Ashour,
30th November, 2017


ثلاثية غرناطة هي ثلاثية روائية تتكون من ثلاث روايات للكاتبة المصرية رضوى عاشور و هم على التوالي: غرناطة – مريمة – الرحيل. وتدور الأحداث في مملكة غرناطة بعد سقوط جميع الممالك الإسلامية في الأندلس، و تبدأ أحداث الثلاثية في عام 1491م، وهو العام الذي سقطت فيه غرناطة بإعلان المعاهدة التي تنازل بمقتضاها (أبو عبد الله محمد الصغير) آخر ملوك غرناطة عن ملكه لملكي قشتالة وأراجون، وتنتهى بمخالفة آخر أبطالها الأحياء (عليّ) لقرار ترحيل المسلمين حينما يكتشف أن الموت في الرحيل عن الأندلس و ليس في البقاء.

سيتم مناقشة الرواية يوم الخميس 30/11/2017 الساعة السادسة مساء في برية الأردن – Wild Jordan Center

الرجاء تعبئة النموذج لحصر أعداد الحضور https://goo.gl/iDyKNv

What is Life Coaching Workshop,
25th November, 2017 at 12pm


Ms. Farah Mehdawi, a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, will be holding an awareness session about life coaching at Wild Jordan Center. Join her this coming 25 November at 12 PM, in an inspiring environment to know more about how to make choices in life.

What are we up to?

I will be sharing some information about life coaching that will help us understand what life coaching is about, with which we can spread awareness about life coaching

How are we doing that?

1. Give an overview about life coaching through the following (Trace the origins of coaching, and explain the definition of coaching, distinguish coaching from other support professions)

2. Introduce the Co-Active Coaching Model (to recognize it as a model that is being used by many coaches, by me as well and that is meeting success, in addition to being accredited by ICF)

Would you like to know more about how coaching can help you? You are more than welcomed to join me.

Session fees are 15 JODs