Royal Society for the Conservation
of Nature Annual General
Body Meeting, on Monday 16th of May

Royal Society for the Conservation3(3)

The annual meeting of the general body was held on Monday, 16/05/2016, in the wilderness of the Jordan Center – Jabal Amman. A celebration also took place to celebrate the RSCN’s 50 years of giving.


ACS, May 2016, visit to the
Wild Jordan Center


ACS KG visited the WJC and enjoyed a day which enlightened them about the various reserves in Jordan. This shed light on protecting the habitat of the reserves, including the local communities, the animals and plants. The visit included a comprehensive look at various parts of the center including the Nature Shop, whereby they looked closely at the handicrafts produced at the reserves, while emphasizing the idea of supporting and helping the local communities. The children also stopped by the Family Café, and looked at the various environmentally based toys and finally attended a small presentation, at the Tree Room. After their healthy snack, and before leaving, the children were taken to The View, to take a look at Amman’s downtown and the Citadel. And then they bid us farewell and walked away with a small gift of mint plants to take care of at home.

Easter fun for the whole family!

Easterfunforthewhole family(10)

Our fun filled Easter on Friday 29th of April Friday, Saturday 30th April  and Sunday May 1st was a blast! Mr. Easter Bunny was there to add lots of fun to the event! The kids were busy painting eggs and it was truly a memorable occasion.


Ma3an Nasel workshop at
Azraq Room, 12th April 2016

News_WJC (2)

Amman¹s unofficial transport map with Ma3an Nasel, welcomed a group of students from various universities in Jordan, to gather information about the public transport road map.


ThetaHealing Basic DNA course


The Basic DNA course introduces the ThetaHealing techniques and focuses on activating the 12 strands of DNA within each participant.  This includes the practice of techniques that allow a change of life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed. ThetaHealing beliefs that you inherit emotions from ancestors.

Earth Yoga on 22nd of April,
FitnessFirst Plenary, Shmeisani, 6pm


Earth Yoga on 22nd of April, FitnessFirst Plenary, Shmeisani, 6pm



Jordanian Food and the Best
Falafel I’ve Had!


Published on April, 10th, 2016, blogger Mark Wiens, is a full time travel blogger, food guide author, and video producer. He is passionate about food and learning about a country’s food and culture. Wild Jordan Center is featured in minute 6.


Movie Night – Wanted 18
9th April, 2016


Ma3mal 621 presents Wanted 18, a Canadian – Palestinian animated documentary, 2014, about a the story of a small local dairy industry that began during the First Intifada, in Beit Sahour village near Bethlehem. The film combines documentary interviews with those involved in the events, archival footage, drawings, black-and-white stop-motion animation as well as re-enactments. The production is a combination of the work of  Palestinian Director and visual artist Amer Shomali and co-directed by Canadian filmmaker Paul Cowan.

aMENA Foundation celebrates
The United Nation¹s World
Autism Awareness Day

aMENA_Foundations_WildJordanCenter (2)

April 2nd, 2016 marked the The United Nation¹s World Autism Awareness Day and with the support of ATICO Fakhreldin Group, aMENA Foundation held an awareness lecture about Autism, as the Citadel turned blue in support of the day. Wild Jordan Center staff wore decorative awareness pins and offered blue drinks to the guests.


The Royal Society for
the Conservation of
Nature Celebrates Earth Hour

WildJordanCenter_EarthHour (3)

On March 26th, the center was buzzing with enthusiasts that witnessed several events before the walk which took place at 8.30pm, when all the lights were switched off. The first 200 participants received candles and led the way for the rest, as they walked in the old neighborhood. This celebration was supported and sponsored by HIKMA Pharmaceutical company.