We miss you!


From all of us at ATICO Fakhreldin Group, we would like to extend to you our warmest wishes and appreciation, by standing together, one by one, at these exceptional times in order to protect our dear Jordan. We miss you all and until we see you again, we wish you a safe and secure time at home with lots of warmth, patience and precaution. We are distant today but will be closer tomorrow. Stay at home and be safe!

Faces of ATICO


Faces of ATICO features multiple videos of the team telling their stories. Mr. Saleh Omar, Senior Human Resources Officer joined ATICO Fakhreldin Hotel in 2012, where he began his journey as a Human Resources Clerk, involved in various basic tasks such as filing and data entry. However, within 7 years of hard work and dedication, he is currently a HR Specialist where his utmost joy is to deal with numbers, analysis and report forming. The funniest incident he experienced during his years at ATICO Fakhreldin Group was when he was talked into donating blood, as an initiative held by the Social Committee. He was very reluctant to donate, as he fears being injected! The end result was that he fainted and he decided never to face his fear again! Mr. Omar’s advice to the young and upcoming generation is that the employment hardships in Jordan shouldn’t intimidate them. And no matter what the young shouldn’t give up and try to grab on to any job, even though it’s not within their specialization, because this job could open doors to more work opportunities.

Faces of ATICO

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Faces of ATICO features multiple videos of the team telling their stories. Executive Chef Rafiq, Fakhreldin Restaurant, gives an over view of his journey with ATICO Fakhreldin Group which began in 2004. He feels right at home, and Jordan has always been very welcoming. Chef Rafiq works with his team as one family and emphasizes the importance of creating a closeness and  friendship with the valuable guest. He thrives to use and choose excellent ingredients with the finest quality. Chef Rafiq also weighs importance to his guests’ needs and serves them from his heart with generosity, even without them placing an order he can innovate and help create a meal that would please the guest. Over the years, over 150 Chefs have left and worked someone where else and he is proud of them, their progress and their success.  Chef Rafiq, is thankful for the Fakhriddin family whom have give priority to customer devotion and satisfaction.