ATICO Fakhreldin Group silver
25 years of achievement


This October witnesses a festive combination of celebrations to commemorate the 25 years for ATICO Fakhreldin Group. The celebrations kicked off on the September 24th, 2017 when COO, Mr. Azzam Fakhriddin welcomed social media influencers for a lunch at Fakhreldin Restaurant. Mr. Fakhriddin highlighted how the company grew by starting with 25 staff members and now the company has over 500 members and the importance of having a solid team over these years, which helped ATICO Fakhreldin Group rise to where it is now. Mr. Fakhriddin emphasized the fact that all the achievements it has reached has been due to the perseverance, hard work and dedication in order to provide the best hospitality services, which ultimately shed a bright light on the sector in Jordan. Mr. Fakhriddin added, that they are always keen to develop and advance all their team members by constantly exposing them to workshops, team building exercises and activities.
All ATICO Fakhreldin Group outlets were lit up, with 25 glowing on top of the buildings. Clients and guests pleasantly welcomed many surprises, activities, competitions, prizes and offers during the month as well.